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Why We Won't Donate to Salvation Army

Why We Won't Donate to Salvation Army

The holiday season is upon us once again, and that means it's time for the Salvation Army bell ringers to stand outside stores all across the U.S. But before you throw a dollar or two into those little red buckets, here's something for you to consider. 

Newsweek published a story claiming that the group had integrated critical race theory into their anti-racism initiatives. The piece, "The New Ideological Right Bogeyman," actually turned critical race theory on Salvation Army. Chick-fil-A then announced it was changing its charitable structure, and will no longer give to organizations with links to anti-LGBTQ causes (at least not yet), cutting the Salvation Army off from hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential contributions. 

The Salvation Army has been lobbying hard to keep federal funds out of cities or states with LGBTQ antidiscrimination laws, and even worse, has gone out of its way to discriminate against vulnerable LGBTQ people during times of crisis.The only way that the Salvation Army gets away with these practices is by using Community Service and Charitable Acts, which grant special employment areas immunity from union interference. The two largest faith-based charities in the state--Catholic Charities and Salvation Army--the Salvation Army relies on government contracts for over 50% of its funding. 

I believe that they are using donated money, their power, and wealth to suppress gay rights and maintain Christian beliefs over the communities that they are helping. Charities need money, and donations can make a tremendous difference. People have got to stop donating blindly and start asking questions about where the money is really going.

Deciding which charities are ethical and worthy to give to may turn out to be a minefield, but some resources--such as help donors make smart, informed decisions. And of course, always feel free to check into the channel to stay up to date on the latest info on what bad charities are up to and who they are scamming. 

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