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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Hello friends and welcome back to the Multi Level Merch redesign. I'm glad you can join me! It feels incredibly wild that I've had this little shop for over 3 years, and here we are.

I wanted to make the goal of this redesign to make a shop that is a little more impactful than what it was before. A big part of that was being more mindful of the materials I'm sourcing for design, creating and implementing featured charities to donate portions of proceeds to, and creating this blog to answer the "why". I've been asked many times as to which charities I vet and donate to, and I wanted to make that a big part of what I'm doing here. 

I know I never really showcased that a merch shop exists, but I'm looking forward to spreading the word so you can snag some really great designs, and that we can help send charities a little extra push to help them achieve their goals. Giving back is a very important part of my working philosophy, whether that's physically volunteering, spreading awareness, or being able to donate. 

I hope we can collectively do that here. I'm excited for the changes and look forward to having you join for the ride!

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